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Honeymoons in Western Europe

From the mountains of Switzerland to the beaches of Spain, a honeymoon in Western Europe will offer you a chance to experience fascinating architecture, museums and galleries, exciting cities, tranquil villages, stunning landscapes - Western Europe is simply crammed with history and culture.

Each country has a distinct identity and pride in their national heritage. This is something that can be discovered through visits to the many world class museums that feature in every major city, or simply through strolling through the streets, which will showcase architecture from a variety of eras. Rome has countless Renaissance palaces and churches whilst Geneva in Switzerland boasts a beautiful Gothic and Romanesque town center. Bruges, in Belgium, is virtually a living museum - it is the best preserved Medieval city in Europe.

Certain Western European cities have been synonymous with romance for centuries - the magic of a gondola ride through Venice or the view from the top of the Eiffel Tower in Paris is unforgettable. Equally romantic are the wild islands off the coast of Scotland and the verdant hills of the Irish countryside.

The French, Italian, Swiss and Austrian Alps are a collection of stunning snowcapped peaks which offer excellent skiing and hiking. They provide a breathtaking backdrop for some lovely villages which often feature traditional painted houses.

An amazing variety of landscapes are contained within Western Europe - from the deserts of Spain to the ice caves of Austria. Spain, Portugal, Italy and the south of France all have a strong Mediterranean feel, with lavender fields, vineyards, olive groves and orange orchards all thriving in the warm climate. Don't forget the superb beaches strung along the coasts of France, Portugal and Spain in particular - ideal for those who love nothing more than sunshine and sandy bays.

There is something for everyone in Western Europe - this part of the world is packed with attractions, and there is always more to discover. Romance, history, culture and, of course, welcoming people will make your honeymoon unforgettable.