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The Netherlands, familiarly known as Holland, is an international travel destination for many reasons.

The Hague and Amsterdam both host international organizations which bring business and political conferences, and the many tourist attractions in Amsterdam bring vacationers and honeymooners from across the world.

Dutch and Flemish art museums, the Van Gogh Museum, Rembrandt's house and the Anne Frank House are only some of the many cultural attractions in Amsterdam, which is also the diamond cutting capital of the world.

Four hundred bridges span the canals lined by charming brick townhouses, and 16th and 17th century architecture characterizes the city.
Aalsmeer is the site of the annual Flower Auction, not far from the city.

Between Amsterdam and Utrecht is beautiful countryside with lakes and woods and charming villages like Vreeland and Loenersloot with its castle.

Haarlem is a quaint medieval village with museums and Corrie ten Boom's house. Delft, where Vermeer was born and home to the famous china and porcelain, is a cobblestoned canal town with medieval and classical architecture.

Drive through the Dutch lowlands and marvel at the expansive fields of daffodils and tulips Holland is famous for, as well as the many old picturesque windmills still standing.

A honeymoon in Holland will give you a chance to experience this lovely country. Cosmopolitan cities are scattered across an incredibly flat landscape with numerous rivers, the largest of which is the Rhine.

Amsterdam, the Dutch capital, is a colorful, exuberant city with many superb museums and art galleries to visit, not to mention excellent shopping. Best explored on foot or by bicycle, the city offers an enormous amount to see - architecture from the 17th and 18th centuries, tranquil canals lined with trees and verdant parks perfect for a lunchtime picnic.

The oldest city in Holland in Maastricht, founded by the Romans in 50 BC. The ancient city walls are still partly standing. Located on the border between Holland and Germany, Maastricht is a lively cross-cultural city, where a huge carnival is held every February.

Holland's largest national park is the Hoge Veluwe - within, you will be able to visit the largest sculpture garden in Europe and a superb museum which holds almost 300 works by Van Gogh, plus pieces by Mondriaan and Picasso. Constituting 5,500 hectares of brooding landscapes, the park is home to deer, boar, Mediterranean sheep and other wildlife.

The Randstad region of Holland is where you will find the famous Dutch flower fields - a riot of color at their best from March until May. The largest garden in the world, the Keukenhof, is close by. The cities of Rotterdam, The Hague and Haarlem in this region all have many attractions.

Moors, woodlands, colorful fields of flowers and countless windmills form the countryside of this orderly, calm nation where traditions remain important. At the same time, Holland is known as the most liberal country in Europe, and it is this intermingling of modernity and timeless national customs which gives Holland its unique flavor - a fascinating and welcoming country to discover on your honeymoon.