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Honeymoons in Germany

Why not spend your honeymoon in Germany - an elegant country with a rich artistic heritage. Germany has given us many philosophers, artists and composers over the centuries, and their works are celebrated in the country's countless museums and annual festivals.

Germany has a wealth of proud cities to visit - Hamburg, Berlin, Stuttgart, Munich and Frankfurt all have their own individual appeal. The country is famed for its beautiful cathedrals, diverse culture and of course German beer, the national beverage. The biggest traditional beer festival of the year is the Oktoberfest in Munich, which attracts visitors from all over the world.

The capital, Berlin, is filled with grand buildings, museums and theaters. A stay here will enable you to uncover the city's unique historic legacy, and also to sample some excellent German cuisine in its numerous restaurants and cafés.

Frankfurt is the financial capital of Germany and is arguably home to the best museums in the country. The city also has a lively music scene, and its jazz clubs are particularly highly recommended.

Over a third of Germany is intensely cultivated, and much of the land is covered with thick forest. In the south of the country, cut through by the Danube River, you will find the lovely Bavarian highlands and the Bavarian forest, which is the largest mountain forest in Europe. The dramatic Alps in this region can be visited on a day trip from the sophisticated city of Munich.

Two of the most attractive historic towns to visit in Germany are Heidelberg and Lübeck. The former has a superb gothic-renaissance castle which exudes romance and offers magnificent views of the countryside, and the latter is a charming medieval town whose puppet theater should not be missed.

Germany is a proud European nation with an enormous amount of culture and history to uncover. A German honeymoon is your opportunity to discover more of this compelling country.

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