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Honeymoons in Belgium

A honeymoon in Belgium will reveal to you a richly historic country with diverse art, architecture and cuisine to discover. Belgium is a relatively small and modest nation by European standards, whose understated highlights are all the more compelling when they are uncovered. Beautifully preserved medieval towns, world class museums and excellent cuisine await you on your Belgian honeymoon.

The Belgian capital, Brussels, doubles as the capital of the European Union and therefore has a distinct cross-national feel. At its heart stands a beautiful central square, framed by historic buildings and some fascinating museums which showcase art from ancient to modern times. Brussels also has superb restaurants and shopping opportunities.

North of Brussels stands the city of Antwerp, a magnet for art lovers. Located on the banks of the Scheldt River, Antwerp is home to the world's largest diamond industry and its lovely architecture adds to the magical atmosphere. Villas, mansions, castles and the largest Gothic church in Belgium are found here.

The 13th century medieval town of Bruges will transport you back in time - the last changes to its architectural appearance were made over 5 centuries ago. You can take a leisurely boat ride down Bruges' river or simply stroll through the picturesque streets, stopping to visit a café or one of the town's many museums. Belgium's other city with a strong Medieval past is Ghent - also filled with history.

For a taste of Belgium's natural beauty, head to the Ardennes region of the country, where ancient citadels and sleepy villages nestle amongst densely forested hills, cut through by deep valleys. Guided tours of the Ardennes are available.

Belgium is an enthralling nation with a dramatic past and a proud present as a center of the European Union. For Medieval romance, a look at some historic and intricately designed buildings, plus outstanding art museums and friendly people, head to Belgium for your honeymoon.