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Honeymoons in Brazil

A captivating honeymoon destination, Brazil is a beautiful and vibrant nation. Half of the country is covered by the Amazon, a dense network of rivers and forests. Brazil's attractions also include several huge cities, numerous beaches and an enormous amount of historic architecture.

Sao Paulo is the biggest city in South America, with some 20 million inhabitants. This dynamic metropolis is filled with culture and has a great nightlife. The highlights of the city are its wonderful museum of art and Baroque theater.

The coastal city of Rio de Janeiro is divided in half by mountains, which offer superb views of the city and surrounding area. Copacabana is just one of Rio de Janeiro's excellent beaches. Inhabitants of the city are known as pleasure seekers, and enjoy eating and drinking, football, samba and sunbathing on a regular basis. A carnival is held annually in the city, and just 15 minutes from here is Tijuca National Park which features a tropical forest and several waterfalls.

Another city with many beaches, a famous carnival and countless historic buildings is Salvador de Bahia, capital of the state of Bahia. This fascinating destination is home to no less than 34 colonial churches, plus a superb museum of black culture.

When it comes to the natural attractions of Brazil, it is hard to know where to begin. Much of the Amazon remains unexplored, and it shelters an incredible range of wildlife - for example, 1800 species of butterfly thrive here! Day trips and boat tours are on offer to explore the region.

Boat tours are also possible in the Pantanal region, an expanse of wetlands half the size of France. Iguaçu Falls, close to the border with Argentina and Paraguay, are perhaps the most stunning feature of Brazil. 2 miles wide and 80 meters high, they are an awe-inspiring sight.

Your honeymoon in Brazil, a country of diverse peoples, culture and scenery, is sure to be an eye-opening and unforgettable experience