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Honeymoons in South America

Honeymoons in Argentina

An Argentine honeymoon is your chance to explore a country of great linguistic and cultural diversity. The cities in particular have a strong European influence, which is blended with indigenous traditions and results in lively theater, art and literature.

Number one on Argentina's list of attractions is its natural beauty. From the deserts of the north to the Pampas, the country's agricultural heartland, Argentina is a lovely country with some spectacular features. An unmissable sight are the immense Iguazu Falls, found in Iguazu National Park. Much of the park is subtropical rain forest, a haven for countless species of plants and wildlife.

Several attractive cities are found in the Pampas region, which is primarily made up of flat grasslands, forested hills and salt lakes that are covered with flamingos. La Plata, Luján, Rosario and Santa Fe are all popular cities with much culture and history to discover.

40% of the Argentine population lives in Buenos Aires, a huge metropolis situated on the banks of the Rio de la Plata. The wide avenues of the city center are reminiscent of Paris, and the attractions of the capital include its superb theater, cathedral, chic shopping districts and many museums and art galleries.

Cordoba, Argentina's second city, is another popular destination. Its architectural features include a Jesuit church, a cathedral with a Romanesque dome and many colonial buildings. You can enjoy a visit to the market to buy souvenirs of your honeymoon, and uncover Argentina's history in the superb museum.

Argentina has countless stunning beaches, none more popular than the 5 mile long strip known as the Mar del Plata. Smart resorts and elegant mansions stand all along the coastline.

Argentina is a unique and fascinating nation, a key South American country which is a wonderful honeymoon destination.