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Honeymoons in Sweden

Spend your honeymoon in Sweden, the biggest country in Scandinavia, and you will discover a land of stark natural beauty. Water is the dominant feature - there are over 100,000 lakes in the country, and many beautiful fjords puncturing the coastline. Canoeing, fishing and ice skating are all popular water-related pursuits.

Sweden’s huge forests and its Skanderna mountain range offer countless opportunities for cycling and walking, plus skiing in the winter. You may well spot deer, moose and foxes in the countryside, alongside a wide variety of bird life.

Over the years, Stockholm has transformed itself from a medieval town to become Sweden’s capital city. Protected from the Baltic Sea by an archipelago of some 24,000 islands, Stockholm retains its medieval old town, whose mysterious twisting alleyways are fascinating to explore. The city is also home to the Royal Palace, a collection of museums and some lovely parks.

On the west coast of Sweden stands Gothenburg, Sweden’s second city. Gothenburg’s harbor is superb, as is its central boulevard, and there are many first class museums here.

Sweden also has many historic towns, and two of the most picturesque are Vadstena and Visby. The former is located on the banks of Lake Vattern, and has its own Renaissance castle. Visit the castle to discover its plush interiors, with period furniture and paintings. There is also a 15th century abbey, which contains some pieces of late medieval sculpture. Visby is a medieval port enclosed by ancient walls, and there are countless fascinating ruins to visit, which testify to a magnificent past. A Medieval festival is held in the second week of August each year.

There are many ancient ruins and fortifications to be found on the island of Oland, alongside an amazing 400 windmills. The midsummer celebrations that are held here yearly are particularly lively.

Sweden’s historic sites and its great natural beauty combine to make it an alluring destination. Whether it is the promise of sparkling lakes, dense forests or medieval castles that draws you to Sweden for your honeymoon, the country is an excellent choice.