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Honeymoons in Scandinavia

Honeymoons in Finland

The largest unspoiled wilderness in Europe awaits you on your Finnish honeymoon. Not to mention picturesque islands and pleasant towns and cities with countless museums and art galleries to visit.

Helsinki, built on a peninsula, is both the cultural and financial center of Finland. Verdant parks and tranquil waterways are found all over the city, and sea breezes ensure that it is refreshingly free of smog. There are many notable art museums to visit, and regular operatic and ballet productions at the city’s theaters. A short ferry ride will take you from Helsinki to Suomenlinna island, where you can enjoy a picnic, explore a huge ruined fortress and visit several museums.

Turku, on the southern coast, was the capital of Finland until 1812, and is the oldest city in the country. Its cathedral and castle both date back to the 13th century, and are well worth visiting. Another notable castle is the 15th century Olavinlinna Castle in the stunning Savonlinna lakes area of Finland, which includes two museums.

Rauma is the largest wooden town still in existence in the Nordic countries, and is a listed World Heritage site. Goldsmiths, lace makers and other artisans all work in the old town, and there are many house museums and a lively market square. Rauma is without doubt one of the most charming towns in Scandinavia.

To discover a unique culture with both Finnish and Swedish influences, visit the Aland province, which even has its own flag. Made up of over 6,400 islands, this beautiful region is best explored by bicycle or on foot. The midsummer festivities are celebrated in style here and you can witness performances of traditional folk dances all year round.

A relaxed country with numerous highlights, Finland is a scenic and welcoming honeymoon destination.