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Honeymoons in the Pacific Islands

Honeymoons in Fiji

A honeymoon in the Fiji Islands is your opportunity to discover this tropical archipelago of over 300 beautiful islands. From the largest to the most minute, each one is superbly picturesque. White sand beaches give way to verdant interiors which shelter remote villages and, on the island of Viti Levu, towns and cities.

Numerous influences blend together to create a distinctive Fijian culture. This finds its expression in many traditional arts and crafts which include dance, pottery and wood carving. Fijian choirs, whose singing fills the nation's churches every Sunday, are wonderful to listen to.

Fuji's capital city is Suva, located on the coast of Viti Levu island. Suva is a major port and has a sophisticated, multicultural air. Its attractions are many, from its charming colonial buildings to its vibrant marketplace. Another reference point on the island is the town of Nadi on the west coast, which features both an interesting temple and an eclectic market to wander round.

On the south coast of Viti Levu you will find the town of Sigatoka, home to a small Fijian farming community. From here you can visit a great number of archaeological sites, many points of cultural interest and the huge Sigatoka sand dunes. Head inland to discover the awe-inspiring Nausori Highlands region.

Another Fijian highlight is the Mananuca group of islands, which are located to the west of Viti Levu. Their forested interiors are fringed by idyllic white sand beaches, and the blue seas offer you the chance to go snorkeling and diving to discover their beautiful reefs and colorful shoals of fish.

If the idea of a tropical honeymoon appeals to you, look no further than the Fiji Islands. You cannot fail to be seduced by the country's lovely beaches, deep blue waters and fantastic landscapes, not to mention the friendly local people and delicious national cuisine.