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Honeymoons in North America

Honeymoons in the United States

Your honeymoon in the United States will be a unique experience. Everybody takes something different away from this huge country which has it all - from the most exciting cities in the world to vast, unspoiled landscapes. The variety in scenery and climate across America is enormous and every state has its own particular identity.

America's landscapes are unforgettable - from the breathtaking Grand Canyon to the deserts of the southwest and the immense Great Lakes in the central northeast. Not to mention three major mountain ranges which offer all sorts of activities - from gentle walks at their feet, admiring the view, to more adventurous climbing, skiing and mountain biking.

The sunshine and white sands of California are legendary, as are the history and culture of Boston or the jazz emanating from New Orleans. In fact, each state and city will have something very different to offer, and the choice is yours.

The State of Virginia is a magnet for history lovers. Here you will find the former homes of George Washington and Thomas Jefferson, along others, and of course Jamestown, founded in the 17th century.

The world famous cities of the United States are packed with landmarks - consider the Empire State Building in New York, the White House in Washington and the lovely bridges in San Francisco. Miami's pastel colored art deco district is unique, and the city also has fantastic beaches.

Chicago, Seattle, Los Angeles, Philadelphia… the list of lively cities goes on and on. Each has great restaurants, sights, galleries and museums to discover on your honeymoon.

Whether it is beaches, forests, mountains and lakes or monuments, art galleries and entertainment that you are seeking, you will find it all on your honeymoon in the United States.