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Honeymoons in the Middle East

Honeymoons in Israel

Israel's holy sites and complex history are integral to its identity, but the country has much more to offer, such as lush national parks, wildlife and of course the invigorating Dead Sea. Your Israeli honeymoon is a chance to uncover the many different sides to Israel.

The Galilee is the most verdant area of the country, and is naturally of prime biblical importance. The towns of Nazareth and Tiberias are well worth visiting, the former for its many churches and the latter for its wonderful hot springs. The region also includes several archaeological sites which are in the process of being excavated. The most impressive is Beit She'an, where you can visit a Roman amphitheater, Byzantine baths and a colonnaded Roman street.

Another area of great natural beauty is the region surrounding the Dead Sea, which features lush oases with waterfalls, springs and pools. A great variety of wildlife thrives here. The atmospheric Masada Fortress also offers excellent views of the sea.

The city of Jerusalem is divided in three - the Old City which is encircled by 16th century walls and is home to many key sights, predominantly Arab East Jerusalem, and West Jerusalem, also known as the New City. The latter includes many lively cafés and shopping centers, which contrast strongly with the ancient history of the rest of the city. For a great view of Jerusalem, head to the nearby Mount of Olives.

The business and financial center of Israel is Tel Aviv, a very young city by the country's standards. There are some excellent museums, cafés and beaches here.

Bethlehem is filled with shrines, holy sites and relics. This atmospheric town is focused around the Church of the Nativity, one of the oldest working churches in the world.

Israel offers history, spirituality, culture and many natural attractions - it is a fascinating country to discover on your honeymoon.