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Honeymoons in Eastern Europe

Eastern Europe is very different from its western counterpart, and the region is a fascinating and very scenic honeymoon destination. Whether you choose an island such as Crete or Cyprus, or a historic nation like Poland, there is an enormous amount to see and do.

The landscapes of these countries are extremely varied. Greece, Crete, Cyprus and Croatia all have lovely coastlines with golden beaches and blue seas. The latter three are also home to stunning mountain ranges. For a different experience, you may choose to visit the great lakes of Poland perhaps by bicycle or explore the vineyards and citrus orchards of Crete.

For sites which bear witness to ancient times, head to Cyprus, Crete or Greece. Greece in particular has an unrivalled early civilisation which can be discovered through carefully preserved relics, such as the stunning acropolis which stands over Athens.

There are many dramatic cities in Eastern Europe, including Warsaw, Kraków, Athens and Dubrovnik. Each has museums, churches, art galleries, shops, markets, restaurants and cafes, ensuring that you will never be short of things to do on your honeymoon. For a slower pace, head to one of the many medieval towns in Poland or the mountain villages at the foot of the White Mountains in Crete.

Just off the coast of both Croatia and Greece are collections of islands. The Greek isles are particularly stunning, dotted with dazzling white buildings that contrast with the deep blue sea. Here, life is sun-drenched and laid back, and its a perfect place to discover delicious Greek cuisine.

However you choose to experience Eastern Europe on your honeymoon, your visit to this historic and highly diverse part of the world is sure to be unforgettable.