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Honeymoons in Poland

A multifaceted country in the heart of Europe, Poland is a picturesque and historic honeymoon destination where east meets west.

Warsaw, founded late in the 14th century, has been almost entirely reconstructed in the postwar years. The center of Poland culturally, geographically and industrially, the capital retains some historic sights which have been meticulously reconstructed. Divided by the Vistula River, Warsaw’s main attractions lie in its western half, which includes the city center and the old town.

Kraków is the most historic city in Poland, and its architecture spans many periods. Its skyline is punctuated with old church spires, and the city’s museums and churches date back centuries. Alongside these two principal cities are countless medieval towns to discover.

Much of Poland is rural countryside. The country’s alpine range, the Tatras, is made up of snow-capped peaks, rocky cliffs and glacial lakes. Traditional highland villages are nestled at the base of the mountains, and countless walking paths lead to some spectacular views. Skiing and hiking are also popular in this region.

The Great Masurian Lakes are popular for yachting, kayaking and canoeing, and many towns are located around their borders. Cycling is an ideal way to discover this scenic part of Poland.

Polish cuisine has dill, marjoram, caraway seeds and wild mushrooms as its typical ingredients. The national beverages are tea and vodka. The country’s artists have emerged from the Communist era, and painting and sculpture are both thriving in the modern climate.

Poland is a fascinating country with countless historic attractions and much natural beauty, all waiting to be discovered on your honeymoon.