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Honeymoons in Greece

If you are seeking hot sun, warm seas, diverse landscapes and lots of history for your honeymoon, Greece is the perfect choice. From the busy city of Athens to the dazzling Greek islands, this country has a huge amount to offer its visitors.

Athens has a glorious past and a highly modern present. The city is dominated by its breathtaking acropolis, which can be seen from almost anywhere in the capital. Athens’ museums are well worth visiting as they showcase some exquisite objects.

Wherever you go in Greece, there is history to discover. The Peloponnese, the southern peninsula, is scattered with stone towers, medieval towns and deserted palaces, all surrounded by diverse scenery. The most unusual sight in Greece is the 14th century monasteries at Meteora, which are built into and on top of tall pinnacles of rock, which are punctuated with holes. Monks would find refuge here in times of persecution.

Greece has an ancient civilization of which it is justifiably proud. The philosophers Aristotle, Socrates and Plato continue to inspire today, and Greek is thought to be the oldest language in Europe. In the summer, Greek dramas are performed in the theaters where they were first staged many centuries before, and you may be lucky enough to witness one of these performances during your Greek honeymoon.

The Greek islands are stunning, with dazzling white buildings, flower-decked balconies, blue domed churches, golden sands and deep blue seas. Some are tiny and quiet, others have many restaurants, cafés and bars where you can sample delicious Greek cuisine. Its key ingredients are feta cheese, grilled meat, olives, pita bread and yogurt.

A Greek honeymoon is your chance to discover an ancient civilization, soak up the sun and meet friendly, fun-loving people. Whether you want to while away the hours on a café terrace or explore centuries-old monasteries, Greece will offer you what you are looking for.