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Honeymoons in Crete

Why not spend a romantic honeymoon on the picturesque Greek island of Crete? You could spend your days relaxing on the lovely sandy beaches and gazing out to sea, or discovering the many traditional villages that are nestled in the mountainous interior of the island.

Crete has a fascinating history, as it has been ruled by a diverse range of peoples, from the Romans to the Turkish. Each have left their imprint, and the ancient architecture and artwork of the country is fascinating. Venetian forts remain from the time that Crete was controlled by the Italian city, and some stunning churches testify to the island's Byzantine era. The oldest civilisation in Europe, the Minoan people, is believed to have originated from Crete. Just outside the island's largest city, Iraklio, the Minoan palace of Knossos is located, a magnificent sight.

Alongside its ever present evidence of past glories, Crete has a lively present and a friendly people who will welcome you as friends. Many of the towns, such as Hania and Rethimno, have stunning Venetian buildings to visit. Rethimno is edged with palm-fringed beaches and has countless cafés, tavernas and cocktail bars and a lively nightlife. Hania, framed by snow-capped mountains, is known as the spiritual capital of Crete and has a cathedral and some interesting museums to visit.

For natural beauty, the White Mountains, in the southwest of the island, are hard to beat. These stunning peaks are divided by the yawning Samarian Gorge, which is 13 miles long. The surrounding region is ideal for walking, and your reward after a trek through the gorge is a beautiful sea view. This region has a very mild climate, and it is possible to swim in the sea between April and November. There are several sleepy fishing villages dotted along the coastline, and the best way to travel from one to another is by boat.

The island of Crete is an enticing blend of ancient history and natural beauty, and a honeymoon in Crete is an ideal way to discover this picturesque and charming country.