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Honeymoons In Central America

Central America is a wonderfully diverse region, offering everything from ancient history to dramatic landscapes. Mexico dominates Central America due to its size and sheer range of attractions, while Costa Rica seduces its visitors through its calm and natural beauty. Both countries boast beautiful coastlines of white sand beaches.

Several lively and cultured cities are found in Central America - these include San José, Mexico City and Guadalajara. These cities are popular destinations if you want to discover the best in Central American nightlife, cuisine, architecture, museums and galleries. Mexico City is awesome - it is the second largest city in the world.

Alongside these modern metropolises lie ancient cities which thrived hundreds of years previously. Mexico in particular has a wealth of ruined cities which are fascinating to explore. The biggest is Teotihuacan, which is north east of Mexico City.

Mexico is a huge country, and a scenic way to see a large amount of it is to take a trip on the Chihuahua al Pacífico Railway. The track runs between Los Mochis and Chihuahua and took 90 years to construct! You will be able to enjoy dramatic views of the Mexican landscape all through your journey.

Conservation is very important in Costa Rica, and when you see its beautiful tropical scenery, you will understand why such care is taken to protect the natural assets of the country. The many national parks are a joy to visit.

Another interesting place to visit in Costa Rica is Monteverde, a small community in the northwest which was founded by the Quakers. Art galleries, a cloud forest and a butterfly garden are just a few of its many attractions.

Wherever you choose to spend your honeymoon in Central America, it is sure that you will never forget the beauty and variety of this lovely part of the world.