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Honeymoons in Mexico

Mexico is a red hot honeymoon destination, from the spicy chilies that add fire to the national cuisine, to its white sand beaches drenched in the warm rays of the sun. Add volcanoes, forests, deserts, cliffs and canyons to this mix, plus a superb artistic heritage and fascinating history - Mexico is a country that will enthrall you.

The nation has a mixed Indian and Spanish heritage, and more than 50 indigenous peoples still retain their own languages and traditional lifestyle. To discover the home of the Maya, visit the Yucatan Peninsula region of Mexico, which includes colonial cities, white sand beaches and ancient Mayan architectural sites.

For more superb beaches you could choose to stay in the resort cities of Acapulco or Puerto Vallarta, or the lovely Baja California region, whose wild and undeveloped interior contrasts with its idyllic coastline.

Mexico's natural diversity is immense, and the landscape is dotted with cities, ranging from the huge metropolis of Mexico City to ancient ruined cities like Teotihuacan, which dates back to the 6th century. The area just outside the southern city of Oaxaca is also the site of many ruins, and the city itself is very friendly, with a large indigenous population and distinctive local handcrafts to buy.

The cities of Mexico City and Guadalajara both have excellent art galleries which showcase distinctive Mexican art from a wide range of eras. Colorful murals decorate the walls of many important public buildings. Both cities present a vibrant nightlife, countless restaurants, cafés, churches, cathedrals and museums to discover, plus colorful markets and historic buildings designed in typical Mexican architectural style.

Where will you begin in Mexico, a nation of so many contrasts? It is a country that is waiting to be discovered, on a romantic and exciting honeymoon.