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Honeymoons in the Caribbean

Honeymoons in Cuba


Sunny, welcoming Cuba is a wonderful place to spend your honeymoon. The island is very distinctive in its culture and history, and has countless picturesque bays and white sand beaches, for blissfully romantic days in the warm sunshine. Even the cities, with their colonial architecture, seem relaxed on this laid-back Caribbean island. The coastal areas and the stunning backcountry offer total tranquility.

Havana, the capital, has a lively nightlife which includes Cuban cabaret, dance, theater and film. Excellent beer and cocktails are served in the city bars. American automobiles half a century old still cruise the streets - combined with a collection of Spanish colonial buildings, they give Havana an air of faded glory. This is a fun and fascinating city.

Cuba's second city is Santiago de Cuba. Filled with history, it is home to the oldest palaces and museums in the country. The town of Trinidad also has some excellent museums, plus ancient buildings, a ceramics workshop, and many superb beaches close by.

The oldest European settlement on the island is Baracoa, which was founded in 1512. Fringed with palm trees, and set on a headland between two lovely bays, the town is peaceful and relaxed. It is home to three forts, which have now been converted into a museum, a restaurant and a hotel.

The Pinar del Río province, in western Cuba, is a paradise for all scuba divers, thanks to its superb underwater scenery. The stunning landscape is made up of hills, caves, spas and underground rivers.

Cuba is an island where many different cultures fuse together, resulting in a thriving artistic and musical scene. Your honeymoon in Cuba is a chance to discover this unique country for yourself.