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Honeymoons in the Caribbean

Honeymoons in Bermuda


This relaxed island is a captivating blend of its British and African heritages, and a honeymoon in Bermuda will be an experience never to forget. Cricket matches, cups of tea, pastel colored cottages, pink sand beaches and reggae music are all ingredients in its unique cultural mix.

Bermuda has its own art forms, and the best known is Gombey dancing, the roots of which are found in West African tribal music. It also takes its influences from the American Indians and the British military, and often the dancing portrays biblical stories. It is fascinating to watch.

Your honeymoon in Bermuda is sure to be infused with sunshine and good food. The island's seafood dishes are particularly tasty, and may be flavored with local black rum, which is the national drink. The most traditional meal is the huge Sunday morning codfish breakfast, which includes eggs, potatoes, bananas, onions, tomatoes, avocado, and of course, codfish.

The capital, Hamilton, is a small city bustling with life. Victorian buildings painted in bright colors line the waterfront, and the mid-19th century Fort Hamilton, situated on a hill, offers a birds-eye view of the harbor. You can discover more of Bermudan culture through the city's art gallery and historical museum.

The town of St. George exudes real charm due to its many unspoiled historical buildings. These include 18th century St. Peter's Church, and the Italianate Old State House, the oldest building in Bermuda, which was built in 1620. There is a selection of restaurants along the waterfront, ideal for a romantic meal.

The coastal reserve of South Shore Park, one and a half miles long, is where you will find some of Bermuda's most beautiful and romantic beaches. Just relax on the pink and white coral sands and gaze out over the horizon, letting all your cares drift away. A honeymoon in Bermuda is a chance to experience the best things in life, in a picturesque and historic atmosphere.