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Honeymoons in Asia

Asia is a continent where a myriad of languages, cultures, religions and traditions combine to create an intoxicating mix. A honeymoon in Asia is your chance to discover a part of this spellbinding cultural mosaic.

Each Asian country reveals many contrasts within its borders. The glitzy modern cities such as Tokyo and Jakarta are totally apart from the stunning landscapes of the countryside. Whether you would like to spend your honeymoon soaking up the sunshine on a palm-fringed beach, discovering tribal life in the mountains or bargaining for souvenirs in a bustling bazaar, Asia has something for you.

India has many millennia of history to offer you. Countless holy temples, mosques and monuments are scattered across this huge land, where spirituality permeates every aspect of daily life. Thailand is also steeped in history, and the predominance of Buddhism gives Thailand its very distinctive feel.

Japan and Korea are both ultra modern in their urban centers, with a rich artistic heritage. Their festivals, museums and galleries offer a wealth of culture to discover. Both countries are home to many spectacular national parks, featuring stunning waterfalls, hot springs, forests and mountains amongst other attractions.

The beautiful archipelago of Indonesia surpasses every superlative that can be applied to its idyllic beaches and tropical interiors. This is a country which showcases nature at its very best.

Turkey and Russia both link Asia to Europe, yet they are very different from each other. Russia has a unique history and many unforgettable sights such as the Red Square and the Kremlin. Turkey's classical civilization was unrivaled in its prestige, and many ruined cities testify to this. The best preserved, and most popular, is Ephesus.

Whichever Asian country you choose to discover on your honeymoon, you will be sure to be impressed by the splendor of this fascinating continent.