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Honeymoons in Asia

Honeymoons in Korea

As you begin your Korean honeymoon, the stunningly green landscape of the country is the first thing that you are likely to notice. Craggy mountain peaks rise out of verdant forests, and much of the country is also fringed with beautiful beaches.

Many exquisite national parks are waiting to be discovered in Korea, the best of which is Soraksan National Park. It encompasses hot springs, white water rivers and crashing waterfalls, mountains and lush forested hills, plus lovely beaches and a scattering of ancient temples. What could be more romantic than discovering all this natural beauty together?

The Korean capital, Seoul, has been almost entirely rebuilt since the 1950s, making it extremely modern, yet has managed to retain many ancient buildings. Above all, the city is famed for its palaces. Kyongbokkung Palace is the most famous - it has been fully restored and is made up of several buildings, some of which are truly exquisite. Its grounds also include the National Folk Museum.

Ch'anggyonggung Palace, built in 1104, is another must-see, with many features remaining intact from the time of the Koryo Dynasty. Seoul is also home to two huge parks, plus the 14th century Namdaemun Gate, which has become a national treasure, and - in complete contrast - the huge shopping and entertainments complex 'Lotte World'.

Just outside Seoul stands the Korean Folk Village, where dances and parades are held daily. The local houses, market place, Confucian school, brewery, Buddhist temple and artisans workshops can all be visited. This is a real village, offering you an ideal opportunity to discover traditional village life in the country.

Whether you choose to discover the fascinating city of Seoul or to experience the natural wonders of the countryside, a honeymoon in Korea is not to be forgotten.