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Honeymoons in Asia

Honeymoons in Indonesia

A stunning archipelago of over 13,000 islands, Indonesia is a superb location for your honeymoon. Soaring volcanoes, white sand beaches and verdant forests are just some of the natural attractions of the country. The principal islands are Bali, Java, Lombok and Sumatra. All showcase a myriad of cultures - over 300 languages are spoken and there are many local craft traditions. The production of beautiful Batik cloth is one activity which is countrywide.

Bali is an island of overwhelming beauty. Its hillsides are covered with rice paddies, its interiors are tropical and its beaches magical. You may well be lucky enough to see sea turtles swimming in the surrounding waters.

Java is a long and narrow island, with a string of volcanic mountains along its backbone. It is the political, economic and geographical center of Indonesia, with a blend of historic and cultural influences which date back many centuries.

Lombok is dominated by spectacular Mount Rinjani, and features many tranquil beaches and countryside. The island is home to a lively cultural scene, which has Sasak and Balinese influences. Its most famous expressions of this culture are dance and pageantry.

Sumatra is one of the largest Indonesian islands, with many different peoples and a wealth of natural resources. Volcanoes, huge rivers, forests, woodland and areas of mangrove swamp cover Sumatra, which is home to the largest flowers in the world!

Indonesia offers diving, snorkeling, surfing and rafting to water sports enthusiasts, and jungle treks to the adventurous! Or, you may prefer to pass your honeymoon relaxing on the beaches or exploring the beauty of the country's many national parks.

However you spend it, your honeymoon in Indonesia will surely be filled with romance and new discoveries.