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Honeymoons in Asia

Honeymoons in China

Why not spend you honeymoon discovering China, an epic land of contrasts where you may be in the center of a pulsating metropolis one day, and riding a camel through the grasslands of Inner Mongolia the next? China's unique history and culture make it a fascinating country to visit. The sacred peaks and imperial ruins scattered across the landscape are timelessly romantic.

China is huge, and there are countless delights to discover on your honeymoon. Wherever you go, you are sure to see people traveling by bicycle - the unofficial symbol of the country! Over 300 million are currently in use, and it easy to hire you own and join the locals. T'ai Chi is practiced in the early morning in almost every town park, and here too, you are welcome to join in.

The Chinese capital, Beijing, is the showpiece of the People's Republic of China. It's orderly design makes it easy to find your way around, and its shopping opportunities are second to none. Shanghai is China's second city, and has a collection of fascinating colonial buildings. Divided in half by the Huangpu river, Shanghai has a fascinating colorful past which continues to influence the city today.

Hong Kong is a dynamic city whose inhabitants live life at a whirlwind pace. Victoria Peak gives incredible views of Hong Kong and its deepwater port, the busiest in the world.

China also has many ancient cities. Xi'an once vied with Rome as the world's greatest city. It has a unique attraction today - the 'Army of Terracotta Warriors' uncovered in 1974 on the city outskirts. Over 10,000 pottery figures of combatants have so far been uncovered - an incredible collection. The city of Macau is also steeped in history, with ancient temples, a fort and an Italian-designed cathedral.

Decorative calligraphy is to be found everywhere in the country - from cave walls to inside temples. A romantic souvenir of your honeymoon in China is to ask a local calligraphy artist to inscribe your names onto delicate Chinese paper.