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Honeymoons in Africa

Explorers Dream of Africa

From Morocco, the "land of the furthest setting sun" to Cape Town, one of the world's most beautiful cities -- this is the continent that has inspired seasoned travelers and famous filmmakers to say, "I Dream of Africa."

Stargazers dream of the hill in the Karoo desert, where construction of Africa's "Giant Eye on the Universe" has begun, with plans to offer star parties and 'astro-safaris'.

Dinosaur lovers dream of a trek to the digs of prehistoric coelacanths, discovered off the coast of South Africa. Historians dream of visiting the fifty ancient pyramids and royal tombs rising from the desert sands at Meroe -- the Sudan's best-preserved pyramids, and one of Africa's best kept secrets.

Adventure seekers leave the beaten path seekers to explore secret networks of tunnels connecting the huts of the Chagga native people, who preserve their culture on the lower slopes of Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania.

Connoisseurs of castles and towers dream of ancient Duwisib Castle and of the eternal Sossusvlei sand dunes, highest in the world. The Ashanti buildings and Slave Castles lure sightseers to Ghana.

Nature Lovers Dream of Africa

Lovers of the nature fulfill their wildest dream on an African safari, merging with every natural delights from subtropical beach forests to the sublime isolation of the desert. Safari, synonymous with Africa, is a thing of luxury and glamour, and every visitor's adventure quest is enhanced by seasoned native guides, such as those of the Shamwari Game Reserve in the Eastern Cape, which is once again declared the World's Leading Conservation Company and World's Leading Safari and Game Reserve.

Whale Watchers dream of following the Whale Route around the Hottentots Holland Mountains. They join swells of others who have make South Africa the fifth largest whale watching destination in the world.

Tantalizing aromas from Tanzania's Spice Island draw food lovers to the slave pits and the spice tours. From Hermanus, a coastal road leads to Somerset West, where lunch is served with the world's finest wines, harvested from soil so rich that farmers here use less than a tenth of the fertilizer than growers of Europe.

Vacationers slow the holiday pace with romantic floats above the Serengeti and stop, entranced, for views into Africa's natural wonder, Fishriver Canyon, second only in size to the Grand Canyon of Arizona. At it's bottom end, active travelers lower themselves with relish into the Ai-Ais, hot springs for a soothing soak.

African honeymoons bring newlyweds to novelty, adventure, sun and fun.