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Honeymoons in Africa

Honeymoons in Egypt

Egypt: the perfect place for honeymoon vacations.

What could be more romantic than the land of the queen that lured two Roman Caesars, Julius and Mark Anthony?

Like Cleopatra your bride will glide with you along the enchanted Nile, viewing the same scenes as did for millennia ancient merchants and conquerors.

This country, described by the historian Herodotus as the "gift of the Nile", is home to one of the oldest civilizations of mankind.

Five thousand years of history will reflect off the waters of the river as you gaze from the window of your airplane, reminding you that your honeymoon destination has been the location of innumerable romantic stories.

The longest river in the world with its seasonal inundations fed the pharaohs, created surplus wealth that made possible the building of the pyramids and later caused Egypt to become the granary of the Roman Empire.

Visit Alexandria, founded by Alexander the Great in 332 BC, prosperous seaport on the Mediterranean Sea, now a modern and lively city with beautiful hotels overlooking the harbor.

The Sinai Peninsula, the very place where in the Bible Moses received the Ten Commandments, is also part of Egypt. Here Bedouins still live in tents woven from goat hair, following their complex traditions and always ready to move, when it is necessary to find better pastures. The Suez Canal, the world's most important waterway, divides the peninsula from the mainland.

If you visit Cairo during your honeymoon you will see the heart of Egypt and the largest city in Africa and the Middle East with 17 million people. Full of life - overflowing numbers of people, traffic, street vendors, shops, bazaars everywhere - the city of 1,001 nights captures all visitors with its exotic atmosphere. The Egyptian Museum displays the greatest existing collection of Near Eastern artifacts, the mosques with their tall and ornate minarets show an incredible variety of styles and the palaces are decorated with intricate geometrical patterns.

Just a stone's throw away, on the Nile's west bank, stand the Pyramids and the great Sphinx, Giza's most celebrated attractions. In front of Khufu's Great Pyramid, the only one of the seven wonders of the ancient world that still exist, you will stop and ask: how did its architects built it without knowing the compass?

Fayyum, the country's largest oasis, is an example of how water can transform the desert making it green and lush. Now a popular resort, the mineral springs at Ayn Sillin are a major attraction.

You will never forget your trip on the river from Memphis to Thebes, the modern Luxor: pyramids, temples, necropolis, holy cities, the country's past will unfold before your very eyes as you look around amazed and spellbound.

For the truly romantic, the desert is the ultimate experience, and the Sahara covers 95 per cent of the nation's territory. There is stillness in the desert, an incredible, absolute silence that will give your life a different dimension. Gaze at the sky, vibrant, deep blue and thick with stars during the night, and these moments will be remembered for years to come.

Ahlan wa sahlan! Welcome to Egypt!